About Us

Why A1 Automotive Connection?

You will choose A1 Automotive Connection because you demand and appreciate excellent service, trustworthy and honest mechanical advice and repairs, and tremendous value and consideration for your dollar.

We assure you terrific prices. We only repair what's necessary to repair, and those repairs that we do, we do with safety and reliability in mind. Imagine the convenience of having your vehicle picked up from your home or office, and returned to you when it's finished. During the day, we email you photos of what we find, chat about it over the phone, and we perform the repairs or installations. Minimal impact to your day, saving you grief, time and money. You have the confidence that you only fixed what needed to be fixed, and the parts and service used were the best value and most reliable ones around.

We talk about how we do it, and other A1 Auto facts, in other sections here in About Us. Browse through our Services section, and see the breadth of convenience services we provide.

We walk our talk. Try us.

We Have Over 30 Years of Automotive Experience