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Repair Standards

Here are our high Repair Standards, listed point by point. For each step in the repair and customer relationship, we set the bar very high for our service levels.

Customers:   All customers shall receive prompt service upon CALLING and ARRIVAL.
Interview:   All customers shall receive a thorough interview to determine their service REQUIREMENTS, Promise Time, Alternate Transportation and most of all, SERVICES REQUIRED.
Repair Order:   All customers repair orders shall be fully documented with estimates, delivery times, and mileage. We will facilitate the repair of all items on this visit, to the customer.
Communications:   Customers shall be notified of their vehicle readiness, and notified immediately of any changes required in their service agreement of the time, cost, and work required.
Mechanical Service and Inspection:   All repairs to be completed at our approved repair facility by fully trained (Certified) technicians, and fully inspected to ensure all items of work are satisfactory.
Vehicle Delivery:   All customers shall be provided with a detailed explanation of all service work and charges, upon delivery.
Customer Follow-up:   Customers will be contacted within 3-5 days of their last service visit, to make sure of their satisfaction with A1 AUTOMOTIVE CONNECTION.

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