Collision Specialists

Before - Ouch!
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After - Nice!
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Accidents and collisions are terrible things to experience, but when they happen, let the professionals at A1 Automotive Connection help you get through the experience quickly and get you into a vehicle that is repaired to industry standards for your safety.

Call us from the accident scene, we will send you a Tow truck with our (24 hour Tow truck service) and take your vehicle directly to one of our approved repair facility in your area.

Put us in contact with your insurance company, and let us handle all the details for you! We will deal with the insurance claim, supply the insurance company with an appraisal, and ensure your vehicle is repaired to industry standards. We will happily outfit you with a rental car in the meantime, if you require one.

Another Collision Repair service we offer is we will inspect collision repairs you've had done to your vehicle by other shops. We can provide you reassurance that your vehicle was repaired up to industry standards.

What To Do If You Have An Accident

  •  An accident is a bad thing to happen to anyone, but when it does happen, you need someone who understands, and that you can trust to deal with it and to help you make the right decisions. Let us help you deal with it.

  •  If you should ever be involved in an accident, the only number you need to know, 24 hours a day, is (905) 666-8444.

    Here is the order of what happens next:
    • Help the injured.

    • Call the Police, and report the accident (get accident report for insurance company).

    • Call A1 Automotive's 24-hour help line -- (905) 666-8444 -- and we will send you a tow truck right way and get you home.

    • Call your Insurance Company and report the accident.

    • We will be happy to arrange and get you a rental car.

    • We will deal with your Insurance Company on your claim.

    • We will give you all details on the decision that was made on your claim by the Insurance Company, for your approval.

    • We will repair and inspect your vehicle, making sure it is done to industry standards.

    • We will contact you after the repairs are completed, get you your vehicle, and take back the rental vehicle.

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